A car full o’ bees!

Wayne was kind enough to spend his day off wandering up to Morganton to pick up our bees and deliver them to their new home.   He borrowed my car – much easier to load things in and out of the trunk – added some cedar posts and cinderblocks for a make-shift hive stand, and drove to Morganton.

The place where we pick up the bees is pretty fascinating.  Our guess is that they probably have 30 hives or so and this is only one of two properties.  It turns out we couldn’t pick them up the girls earlier because they had swarmed and the colony had to be built back up before we relocated them.

Someone had closed up our hives for us last night so when Wayne arrived they were all ready to go.  We had been warned they were heavy and Wayne reports they were very right!  Into the car they went….

Car-full of Bees!

I suggested to Wayne that he might want to drive in his bee suit but he felt pretty comfortable without it.  I was on the phone with him and inquired about loose bees and he said it wasn’t a problem….paused…and said “let me call you back.”  Turns out one of two must have wandered out of the hive (or followed the hive into the car) and were waltzing around while Wayne was driving.  They apparently felt that there was no need to be alarmed though and took the drive in stride.

Wayne pulled onto our property, unloaded, set up the cinderblocks and posts (a bit rough right now since he had locked himself out of the shed and didn’t have any tools), and set up the hives.   I sent him with supers as it was recommended we add them immediately so they have room to grow.

So here they are all set up:


Wayne left the entrance reducers on so that we didn’t have large quantities of bees flying out and getting lost.  Before leaving Wayne reported that many bees were conducting orientation flights….adjusting I hope.

Hives Setup

I plan to visit soon to change out the super on the right so that it matches (yep….can’t handle it like it is).  We’ll give them a week or so to get settled first and then we’ll plan a quick inspection.

Join me in welcoming the new girls to the Belle Terre family!


3 Responses

  1. lookin’ good. glad to see hives on the new property.

  2. Awesome! Glad that went smooth for you! Can’t wait to hear how they’re doing!

  3. Julia,
    I’m looking to get back in to beekeeping after a hiatus of 8 years. I was admiring the cinder block / cedar board stand. Has it held up well for you?
    I’m needing simplicity and like the aesthetics of this. Looks better than just the cinder blocks I used per hive.
    If possible please reply to : fletchoneday@hotmail.com
    Thank you,

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