Bee update: Her Majesty has returned!

Wow….it’s not often I get this excited about small white grubs…

Wayne was home early from work and kindly opened the hive today.  It was my drop dead day.  My call another beekeeper in a panic looking for a queen day.  Low and behold, Wayne found larva galore.  The bees were much kinder  now that their queen has returned and is laying again.

Whew.  Big sigh of relief from me.  I swear, they are trying to teach me patience.  Unfortunately for them, it’s not working.  This weekend we’re planning a full hive inspection and I promise some photos/video.


2 Responses

  1. Good news! I look forward to hearing how your full hive inspection went — that is if you were able to. The weather across the Tarheel state has been awful for the last few days! Fingers crossed for better weather!

  2. […] this weekend and not only is the hive at the house doing tremendously well (in spite of the recent queen debacle), but we also had just enough time on Saturday to harvest!  It’s early enough in the summer […]

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