Concern with Lack of Activity?

I’ve been watching our nuc carefully and am a bit dismayed to see a significant lack of activity.  The video below will give you a good idea of the difference between what’s going on in the blue hive and what’s {not} going on in the nuc.

You can hear Wayne in the background…he decided that what the bees were lacking was music…he serenaded them with his ukulele for a bit…we’ll see if it helps.  In the meantime, he popped the top off and took two quick pictures:

I believe those are still queen cells at the top of the frame although its hard to tell from the picture if they are intact or not (click on each image for a larger version).   There are definitely bees on a couple of the frames, so its not completely deserted (yet anyway).  Wayne closed up quickly, not pulling out any frames as we don’t want to disturb them too much.

I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting….this is not a game that I’m good at.  In the meantime, Wayne will keep playing and we’ll cross our fingers that the girls are enjoying it.


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