Spring is on its way

This past weekend was most lovely in our area of North Carolina.  It was 73 most of the day Saturday, sunny, and there was a warm breeze.  I walked out onto the deck and was met with a small bee gathering that had taken up residence on the outskirts of a container of water.  I changed (black yoga pants and a black sweater while comfy, don’t seem to be preferred by my bee friends), grabbed my camera, and headed to the garden.

The first picture I took was of our beloved plum tree.  We {almost} cut it down last year and I’m so glad we didn’t.  Although its not doing well and likely won’t produce, the blooms are gorgeous.

Plum Tree Blooms

I was suprised to see very few bees hanging out on the blooms.  With the wind I couldn’t quite catch a picture of the couple I could find.  On to the hives…

Blue Hive Entrance

Both hives were buzzing with activity, but the blue hive stood out.  The bees were running into each other coming in and out of the entrance.  It’s hard to see here (even if you look at the big version of the picture), but many of them were carrying pollen upon their return.  I considered trying to pull out the entrance reducer, but I want to make sure we’re not heading back into cold weather first.  As usual, I stood transfixed for ages watching the bees and their flight pattern.  I was so fascinated that I thought I’d share:

We’ll have to do a hive inspection in the next few weeks and see how things are going inside.  It is wonderful to see the girls out and about again.  Here’s to a good beekeeping year for everyone!