And then there was activity!

Earlier this morning I read Jared’s post about loosing two hives.  It makes me so sad to see all those bees unsuccessfully digging for food.  Every time I read about another beekeeper’s plight, I begin to stress.  We lost a split this year, and I am concerned we may lose the original hive that was left behind as their stores weren’t what I would like to have seen going into winter.

Today was a very gray day.  It got up to 55, which is the highest it’s been in quite some time, but there was a light misty rain most of the day and a significant amount of fog.  It was clearly not bee weather.  In spite of that I threw on some shoes and wandered into the garden.  This was my first visit since the snow.  Imagine my surprise when I saw bees venturing out of both hives!  They weren’t coming out in droves by any means, but a slow trickle, fly around, and most flew right back in.

What a relief….they’ve made it this far, here’s to hoping they can survive a few more months.


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