Checking again…

We got home last night from a jaunt in St. Croix for my sister’s wedding.  We left 80+ degree weather with lots of sun and beauty and returned to this:


We knew there had been a bunch of snow, but didn’t really expect there to still be quite so much on the ground.  This morning I wandered out to the hives to see what I could find.  I was rather distressed to walk up and see this:

Front of Hive

I got closer and found this at the entrance:

Entrance of Hive

I’m not sure exactly what happened.  It looks like there was definitely a fight of some sort that required the bees to wander out of the hive.  I’m not sure if they died from the cold, or from the fight.

I had Wayne come visit to see the carnage and pop open the hive.  Thankfully, we were able to see a few bees walking around on the top of the frames and we could audibly hear the cluster.  So, we’re still safe for now.  Hopefully we won’t have too much more cold and snow and the bees will shortly be able to wander out and gather nectar again.


And then there was activity!

Earlier this morning I read Jared’s post about loosing two hives.  It makes me so sad to see all those bees unsuccessfully digging for food.  Every time I read about another beekeeper’s plight, I begin to stress.  We lost a split this year, and I am concerned we may lose the original hive that was left behind as their stores weren’t what I would like to have seen going into winter.

Today was a very gray day.  It got up to 55, which is the highest it’s been in quite some time, but there was a light misty rain most of the day and a significant amount of fog.  It was clearly not bee weather.  In spite of that I threw on some shoes and wandered into the garden.  This was my first visit since the snow.  Imagine my surprise when I saw bees venturing out of both hives!  They weren’t coming out in droves by any means, but a slow trickle, fly around, and most flew right back in.

What a relief….they’ve made it this far, here’s to hoping they can survive a few more months.