Long time…no entry

I’ve been bad.  Horrible actually.  We’ve been so busy with Belle Terre and all the holiday season craziness that I haven’t taken the time to update this blog.   On this lovely snowy December day, I’m trying to change that a bit.

Our last big inspection was over labor day.  I’ve been avoiding the bees since as my full suit hadn’t arrived and after my last little scare with a sting, I didn’t want to tempt fate.  Wayne popped the hives open a couple more times for me just to make sure all was well and we did feed both hives twice with a heavy sugar water mix – the first with honeybhealthy, the second with just sugar water.  I should have taken the feeders off when it was done, but by the time I thought about it, I didn’t want to disturb the cluster with the cold.

One days since (late Nov, early Dec I think), we had unseasonably warm weather and I did see tons of bees out.  Some just wandering around the hive presumably on cleansing flights, while others were venturing out and were buzzing around our deck looking for something tasty.  I’m not sure they’d be able to find much so late in the year.

Since then we’ve swapped the unseasonably warm weather for the most snowfall we’ve had in many, many years.

Our house in December with snow

We’re not quite snowed in (Wayne headed to work in Charlotte this AM without too much trouble), but its pretty close.

Several of our trees will have to be be severely trimmed when the snow melts.  Our poor eucalyptus takes a beating every December it seems and this year it’s bent completely over and touching the ground.

Here’s the front of the garden and our lovely plum tree that seems to be surviving just fine.

And the point of sharing today, our beehives.  There’s not too much snow collected just yet, but I’ll likely go out there tomorrow and try to wipe some of it off.  I do hope they are staying warm in there!

In exciting news, we just placed an order for two more hives!  Rather than bring them here and upset our neighbors any further, we decided to set the two new ones up on our land in Morganton.  So, we’ll shortly be buying a few more hive bodies from our friends at Brushy Mountain and I’ll need to research solar bear fencing as our neighbor across the way told Wayne he had a mama bear and cub living on his property last year.

Much fun ahead!  🙂