After seeking advice from both Beesource and Beemaster forums, consensus was reached that we should be rearranging the big hive to move the brood chamber (which was oddly situated in the third box) back down to it’s proper placement.  Last weekend I was quite tired and not up to the task, so Wayne kindly put on his bee suit and followed my direction from afar.

Here’s how we started. We had left the nuc on the hive last week when we moved the bees into the new blue hive to let any stragglers find their way over.

As a side note, while I was out there I was excited to see all the activity in our new purple hive:

So, Wayne’s task was to switch super three to the bottom, put an empty super (super one or two) on top of that, follow with the top super which is currently full of honey, and finish with another empty super at the top.  Sounds easy, but its a bit hard to remember which box goes where when you’ve got all the bees buzzing around.

The first step was to remove the top cover, inner cover and screen and start prying apart the supers.

As before, the further he got into the box, the more bothered the bees became.

They weren’t fond of him putting the box back together either.

Wayne worked quickly and was done in no time.  One empty super wasn’t put back onto the hive, but had to be left nearby overnight to allow the remaining bees to time to travel home.  Here’s the end result:

A few particularly unhappy bees started following me (suitless) back to the house.  I mentioned to Wayne that I wasn’t in need of the attention and he told me not to ignore it.  Not two seconds later, one of them few up his nose. Try ignoring that! 🙂


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