Yet another first…

…and not a pleasant one this time!

W and I were in a rush this AM as we were planning to head out of town and wanted to get some weeding done in the garden first.  While out there, I had the brilliant idea that we should check and see if the bees were drawing out comb on the super we added last Saturday.  As our suits were in the house and it was looking like rain, we quickly decided to just pop the top and see what was going on.  It was going to be quick and easy (of course!).

So, W pried the top off and I stuck my head in quickly to see what was going on.  No sooner did I lean over the super, than two bees came (I swear) directly out at me.  At some point in this short process we had completely pissed them off.  One bee promptly got stuck in my hair (I could clearly hear the angry buzzing) and the second landed directly on my eye brow, stinger first.  Lovely.  Wayne got stung on the arm around the same time.  We put the top back on as quickly as we could and went inside to remove the stingers.

Thankfully my face didn’t swell too badly and Wayne’s arm is fine.  I am now in complete and total awe of anyone who works bees without a veil.  I can honestly say that I can’t see myself doing that again anytime soon.

All that, and I didn’t even have a chance (or desire at that point) to find out the status of the super!  Live and learn.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hey Julia! Great story! Don’t feel bad though, I got my first sting in two years (from a honey bee…got one from a yellow jacket last year). I was catching a swarm the other day when I accidently squished one on my leg and she got me. I was so amazed last year when Don Hopkins, the state’s chief apiary inspector looked at my hive and didn’t wear a veil or overalls..while I was dressed like the Michelin man in all white. I’m now wearing rubber nitrile gloves instead of beekeeping gloves and so far, so good. Keep up the god work!

  2. Mark –

    One sting in two years is impressive! If I’m counting right, I’m already at three in one year.

    We were just talking yesterday about trying the nitrile gloves. It seems like they would provide much more flexibility than the current gloves we’re using while (at least slightly) protecting our hands. My clumsiness definitely upsets them so anything I can do to limit that is helpful. Good to hear they’re working for you.

  3. Had the same thing Julia, when I popped the lid at night to put on some wet supers. A Bee went straight for my forehead, which was a pretty painful place to get stung.

    I at least wear a veil even when just having a look. Esp if you are not going to use smoke.

    See ya….Gary

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