Feeding again

I opened the hive quickly  on Sunday to try to feed the bees and hoping to check on the hood trap.  The weather was a little bit cool.  I opened it up and found bees on one side of the top feeder chasing down hive beetles.

Chasing down SHB

The other side of the top feeder was more bothersome.  There were a ton of dead bees.  I’m not sure if they drowned?  I tried to “help” by using my hive tool to remove the dead bees and apparently someone was not fond of my unrequested assistance and retaliated by stinging me on the butt!  Lesson learned: pjs are not a good idea when working in the hive.


In front of the hive I found a dozen or so dead bees and a couple dead yellow jackets, so apparently the war is far from over.  I gave them about 1/2 the syrup I normally do and closed up shop.  With the weather starting to get cold, any visits from now forward will only to be to add to the top feeder.


2 Responses

  1. Great to read your log and follow along with the adventure, we are quite new at Beekeeping as well so liked the blog. See ya Gary and Margaret

    • Gary & Margaret –
      Thanks for reading! I realized early on that I needed a way to keep up with where I’ve been and what I’ve tried with the bees and the blog seems like the best method. I’ve been working toward keeping bees for so long, I’m still excited every day when I pop outside to visit with them. As long as my current hive makes it through the winter, I plan to add a top bar hive in the spring. I wish you the best of luck with your hives. 🙂

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