Sept Ending

It’s amazing to think that September has already come and (almost) gone.  The summer is leaving us already.

We visited the hives today and it was an experience full of highs and lows.  Upon approaching the hive, I immediately noticed the war zone sitting in front.  You have to click on the picture to really see it well, but there were tons of dead bees and yellow jackets in the mulch.  It seems the bees really did fight back full force and I hope this means they won.

Inside the hive I came across several small hive beetles in the feeder area.  We tried to crush as many as we could with the hive tool.  The hood trap didn’t seem to have any takers yet.

As we got further into the hive, the news was much better.  There is a ton of brood this time – a noticeable improvement from our last visit – and the girls have begun not only drawing out comb on more of the new frames, but storing honey!  One of the pictures below shows a whole frame of capped honey.  For the first time, I am assured that the bees truly are content and feeling at home.  The queen even took a moment to pose for us (she’s wonderfully photogenic).

Upon putting the top back on, I tried to show Wayne the gaps in the top cover hoping he’d help me come up with a solution that keeps the bees happy, but keeps the yellow jackets out.

War Zone Hive Beetles? Drawing Out Comb Capped Honey Brood Brood Frame 2 Frame w/Queen


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