I installed a top feeder for the first time the other day and noticed quite a bit of activity yesterday on the side of the hive.  When I went out today, I found at least 15 yellowjackets swarming around.  I suited up and opened the top of the hive to find more yellow jackets hanging out on the top cover and in the actual syrup.

I originally had my ventilation screen over the top feeder, then my outer cover and apparently it was leaving space for robbing.  I removed the ventilation screen and replaced it with the inner cover, then my outer cover today hoping it would provide a tighter seal, but I’m still not sure it will prevent the yellow jackets – the seal just doesn’t seem quite tight enough.

The bees are definitely fighting back, but I hate seeing them this distressed.   I’ve emailed David for help with a solution and Wayne and I are trying to see what we can come up with as well.


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  1. In New Zealand wasps are a official pest, have a look at this web site to help reduce them:-

    By the way we called Yellow Jackets German wasps here.

    So far the wasps haven’t got back to the high numbers we saw last year, as summer hasn’t started here yet. But now with a BeeKeeper Suit we will be ready for them 🙂

    See ya…Gary

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