It’s official – I am a beekeeper!

The bees have arrived!

David was kind enough (after some minor harassment on my part) to bring some bees over Thursday night.  He had them in a nuc box and carried it into the garden.  We opened it up by flashlight and moved over a few frames.  It’s a bit awkward because the hive I purchased (which I adore) has only shallow supers, no standard brood boxes so we had to finagle it a bit to get his frames to fit in my hive.  The bees were wonderfully calm while we worked and I left them with only a small entrance for the morning so no one hurried out and got lost.

This morning I mixed some sugar water in canning jars and went out to feed them.  I quickly realized that I needed to remove the entrance reducer and, it being early in the morning, I didn’t feel good about doing it unsuited.  So, I wandered back inside, suited up, and went back out.  It took me about fifteen minutes to get dressed and two minutes to remove the entrance reducer and add the feed, but I walked about from some slightly frazzled bees without a sting.

My First Hive

I’ve pledged to wait the suggested 9 days before opening the hive up to see if they are settling in and drawing out any of the new foundation, but I’m having trouble containing my excitement.

Perfect timing too – my North Carolina State Association of Beekeepers membership was in the mail box on Friday.  🙂


2 Responses

  1. What a cool hive. very nice. Do you have two feeders on it?

    • This picture has two feeders. When I first moved the bees, they were going through quite a bit of syrup and I was having trouble keeping up. I switched some time ago from the two entrance feeder to the top feeder. I’m much happier with the quantity of feed I can put in, but I’ve had a hard time with yellow jackets. Its still fairly warm for me, so I’m hoping to feed one more time before leaving them for the winter.

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